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Fat Flowerina the Mixbreed :iconilovefallingcows25:Ilovefallingcows25 3 4 4 Blue Baby Foxlings for MelTheArtist :iconilovefallingcows25:Ilovefallingcows25 2 8 Officer Lenora and the 2 Baby Orphan Foxlings :iconilovefallingcows25:Ilovefallingcows25 3 16 The Lonely Baby Hedgehog :iconilovefallingcows25:Ilovefallingcows25 3 6 Flowerina and Cerulean's Gift to Flash On Easter :iconilovefallingcows25:Ilovefallingcows25 6 28 Annoying Orange meets the Biting Pear Of Salamanca :iconilovefallingcows25:Ilovefallingcows25 4 2 Queen Adonia Trying SS Attack at Urban Archer :iconilovefallingcows25:Ilovefallingcows25 5 2 Scream the Rabbit :iconilovefallingcows25:Ilovefallingcows25 4 2 Tabby and Inoubilable Boom Holding Hands Together :iconilovefallingcows25:Ilovefallingcows25 7 8 Roz the Missing Vitora :iconilovefallingcows25:Ilovefallingcows25 2 2 Giantess Kitty Katswell Art-trade :iconilovefallingcows25:Ilovefallingcows25 8 9 Kootie Pie Wiggling her Toes :iconilovefallingcows25:Ilovefallingcows25 7 14 The 2 Cute Sleeping Puppies :iconilovefallingcows25:Ilovefallingcows25 6 0 The Gray Little Kitten and The Kind Poodle :iconilovefallingcows25:Ilovefallingcows25 7 16 Sleeping Baby Yellow Kitten :iconilovefallingcows25:Ilovefallingcows25 8 8 3 Headed Giantess Cat for WhippetWild :iconilovefallingcows25:Ilovefallingcows25 6 26


5 Point Sonic Girl Adopts .w. :iconyuseifudobanana:yuseifudobanana 2 3 (Contest prize) For Ilovefallingcows25 :icontabby010:Tabby010 5 12 Big Cat Looking At Small Dog :iconspaton37:SPATON37 4 2 Jessica Looks At Her Body :iconspaton37:SPATON37 4 1 billeder nr.6.392 :iconandebyful:andebyful 8 7 Ali Baba Amy Page 9 :iconemperornortonii:EmperorNortonII 45 22 Expressive Blaze The Cat Model Download MMD :iconwaleedtariqmmd:waleedtariqmmd 6 3 That Lavender Cat :iconr-no71:R-no71 591 34 Daisy Duck :iconkeanny:Keanny 2 1 Request :iconluqui93vlc:LuQui93vlc 3 4 La Pussycat's Hiccup Page 7 :iconemperornortonii:EmperorNortonII 36 22 Mega Giantess Sexy 43 :iconwwechyna1:wwechyna1 8 1 7 - Ilovefallingcows25 - Line Art Commission :iconasiatheanimator:AsiaTheAnimator 6 7 The Audition :iconfinal7darkness:Final7Darkness 33 4 Binky bunny :icontolan68:tolan68 5 2 Binky Bunny: Scuba Diving :iconvoyagerhawk87:VoyagerHawk87 8 2


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Hello everyone Ilovefallingcows25 here also for 685 which of my dog characters would you like to see also there is some choices you guys have to pick Kranga Dorothy Alice Poodleiaster Spoilaniel Valerie Matilda or Serena also comment what you like and I'll post the character on there 
Fat Flowerina the Mixbreed
I made a request for amyrosefan17 since he wanted me to make a fat art of My Oc Mixbreed Flowerina since I made it in my style since I have her with a big bloated belly since she has eaten some food that makes her big and fat and happy since she is sitting that she's a happy big bloated dog that is glad to be like that as she pats her big belly when she is full and goes to eat more food with her having one cute friendly fat gentle smile since she doesn't wanna hurt anyone with her size just wanted to be one happy fat dog that is super kind but is very cute and big too
4 Blue Baby Foxlings for MelTheArtist
I made 4 baby blue foxlings for MelTheArtist since she asked me that she wanted 2 boys and 2 girls so I decided to make them in my style with them sleeping and glad to see her as they are happy that they are going to their new home since MelTheArtist have adopted some other babies which they are happy to be with her along with the fact about these 4 which is part of a point adoptable even though its 20 points with all 4 of them being 5 points since the babies are glad since its because the foxlings are glad for someone to take care of them as they are excited to meet their new friend
Hey everyone Ilovefallingcows25 here also I got some babies needing homes such as these  Officer Lenora and the 2 Baby Orphan Foxlings by Ilovefallingcows25 The 2 Cute Sleeping Puppies by Ilovefallingcows25 The Gray Little Kitten and The Kind Poodle by Ilovefallingcows25 Green Fox Kid Adoptable by Ilovefallingcows25 The 2 Puppies and the kind Cat by Ilovefallingcows25 Sabrina and the 4 lost babies by Ilovefallingcows25 Brenda and the 6 Foxlings by Ilovefallingcows25  Also if you want to adopt a adoptable comment me and pick which ones you would like to have since I'll make some very soon
Officer Lenora and the 2 Baby Orphan Foxlings
I have made 2 foxlings who were twins and were orphans after their old parents kicked them out as they were crawling scared as the 2 babies where scared when it started to storm and hid under a box luckily a kind police poodle came to pick up the babies and put them them in a coat she weared to keep warm as she goes in the house and arrests the mean fox parents since they got charged for child endangering and sent to jail as well for losing the 2 babies they didn't take care of so Lenora decided to help take care of the babies with Air and her friends help as the kind poodle had help from Laura who is glad to have the purple poodle as a friend and a nice kind foster parent also she is looking for a new family so the foxlings can be taken care of since they are both 4 points each also they can't be broken apart since the 2 need each other to grow up with a new happy nice family too
I'm saving points for the arts that I have to give to the artists,however I'm still at 0 and could really used help I haven't find if someone that would help me out.So I have been doing some art commissions ever since I have been working on them and got 2 of them done also I can do some sonic characters if you want since they are 20 points also tell me the details of what you want and I'll get started.I also have been thinking of working on some more stuff since I'm almost at 700 Requests which is a very good thing that I am trying to accomplish.Including the fact that I have been doing some of the past arts lately since I so I can start making progress in points where I'm saving them for some of the arts that I have been giving to some other artists since I have some of them completed I have a couple that aren't sucessfully completed yet since I have some new adoptables coming,some artworks for someone to make for me, and even a core that I'll be making for some of my characters join in them.As well that I really need to ask if you guys can please go to my donation pool and help me out with the goals to complish since I would be making some point commissions also I even have a list of characters that would be joining my fanclub very soon like my new characters I have in stash like some of them appearing soon since I'll be making a new contest very soon so everyone can win as they join the new contest once I reach to 700 requests soon also here's one of the characters I have which is my new giantess cockapoo


Annoying Orange Art
This is the Annoying Orange Art I'm making also you can tell me the details and I can do them for you since this is for the Annoying Orange Friends who likes him with his silliness
This is what I do like some Sonic Characters
This is some of the Characters I make in my style since you can tell me what you like  Bleu the Crow by Ilovefallingcows25 
I would do some type of pokemon with someone likes plus I can make some art if you want me to do it here's the details you can ask me what you like and I'll get do it fast plus I can do anything you can tell me but I can't do some mature stuff just normal stuff also you can tell me what you like
Plus everything is 10 points including the background characters line-art and color



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